So today I am going to share with you a commonly asked question I am asked when discussing electrical compliance with business owners and building managers, do I need to have an EICR?

Although an Electrical Installation Condition Report – or EICR – is not a legal requirement, many property owners are bound by legal obligations to their staff, customers or tenants which can be met by an EICR inspection.

An electrical inspection will ensure your home or business’s wiring and other electrical components are in good working order and do not pose a hazard to yourself, staff the public or your family.

The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) have some main requirements detailed below which really demonstrate the importance of having a current EICR if you are a business.

The Electricity at Work Regulations apply to all aspects of the use of electricity within the workplace. They place duties on employers, employees and the self-employed to prevent danger.

Duty holders must –

  • have the electrical systems constructed in a way that prevents danger.
  • maintain the electrical systems as necessary to prevent danger (including a 5-year fixed installation inspection )
  • carry out work on electrical systems carried out in a way that prevents danger.

With the above in mind do you feel you as a business are currently complying with the Electricity at Work Regulations?

It is not always as scary or complicated as it all seems and I have found in my experience client’s value me taking a practical and pragmatic approach to helping them achieve electrical compliance.

This always starts with a conversation first to help me understand the client’s needs and fears around the subject. From this we can ascertain what they are currently doing, if anything; whether this is correct and what the next steps can be.

My focus is in helping clients understand the why behind things through taking the time to educate them on the subject, not just tell them what to do and to spend some money. As let’s face it electrical compliance is an additional cost to your overhead if it is not something you are already doing, so at the least you need to understand the why right?

If you are ready for a conversation on this subject, please comment or send me a message and we can set something up to discuss things further.