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Commercial and Residential Electrical Rewiring Services 

Electricity plays a major role in our day to day life and is the most common energy consumed by every individual and most of the time, electrical accidents are mainly caused due to faulty wiring systems. That’s why electrical rewiring should be considered periodically for your buildings and homes as defective wiring systems can cause damage and could potentially seriously injure the occupants. In order to prevent any electrical hazards and avoid loss of property and life, it is very important to get your properties, business or residential rewiring done.

If you are noticing that certain rooms or switches are having electrical issues or you have recently experienced regular circuit breakages and flickering lighting, you may need to consider electrical rewiring. With electrical wiring hidden away in the roof, walls, or under the floor where you can’t easily see it, it can be hard to know the state of your properties electrical wiring and poor installation can cause damage to expensive electrical appliances over time.  

Whether you need a business or house rewire in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, & Bath, EMC service for commercial buildings and house Rewire – UK has the perfect solution for you. Our affordable electrical rewiring services and the team prides itself on understanding electrical systems to provide you with the most appropriate solution.

EMC Electrical Rewire – UK’s High Quality Commercial Building & House Rewire in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol & Bath based Electricians

In special cases we travel across different places in the UK to provide electrical rewiring , repairs and testing services.  In order to keep up with the modern demand with energy consumption, it is important to consider a building or residential rewiring to update your electrical wiring system.  EMC Electrical Rewire – UK services are professional electricians when it comes to  buildings & house rewire based in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol & Bath.

Electrical rewiring is highly dangerous and should be done only by a qualified licensed professional. If you want electrical work of the highest standards,  EMC’s Electrical Rewire – UK services is here to help you. Our team of licensed and experienced electricians are here to meet your needs and create a constructive plan of action that will deliver results that last.

All of our electrical rewiring services are performed to a high standard and use the most trusted, and safest, wiring for all rewiring procedures as we know that your safety is of the utmost importance to you.

Why do you need to consider a Rewire?

Business building and house rewire in the UK is a major job if your property has not been rewired within the last 25 years and the chances are you will be required to upgrade in order to bring it up to current house & safety standards as most fire accidents are caused by faulty wiring systems due to old age. If your property is old enough, it also may not be up to the modern safety standards and could be deteriorating within walls representing a real fire hazard and life threatening danger. Even if the worst doesn’t happen, old wiring and fuse boxes can cause significant power fluctuations that can damage your expensive electronics and computer equipment.

Electrical Rewiring
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Getting commercial or residential rewiring can help you prepare for the future avoiding these situations and accidents. EMC ‘s local based electricians for commercial properties and house rewire in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol & Bath services are fully capable of wiring and rewiring your electrical system. 

In many cases, older properties undergo rewiring simply to enhance the safety of the electrical current throughout the house. The process of electrical rewiring offers an opportunity for you to install modern technologies like smoke detectors, home security systems, motion sensors and more. Also, in case of any unfortunate event, many insurance companies in the UK require proof that professional electrical contractors completed a rewire to issue home and business insurance.

When to Call EMC for Business & House Rewire in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol & Bath ?

Electrical wiring issues can occur either because of structural damage, water damage, or simple old age. Checking your building’s electrical wiring is one of the most effective ways to prevent electrical fires. But how do you know that when you need to call for a building or house rewire?

If your property is nearly 30 years old, it may be time to consider an electrical rewiring as wires deteriorate with age, which can increase the chances of a fire.

If light bulbs don’t last as long as they should or find that fuses are blowing frequently, then there is a good chance of a sub-standard wiring system which calls for your commercial building or residential rewiring. 

When selling your property, it’s a good idea to get an electrical rewiring as this not only makes the house safer, but also makes it more attractive to  prospective buyers.

In the end, the best way of knowing whether you need a business or residential rewiring is to ask a licensed electrician to look at all the wires in your building and determine their condition.

We at EMC undertake business building & house rewire in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol & Bath. In special situations and cases by request, we travel to attend different places servicing electric rewire in the UK. 

If you need help with electrical rewiring , contact our team today. 


We’ve had Craig and members of the EMC team in to do all of our electrical works at my hair salon for 6 years now and I wouldn’t want to use anyone else.

Always a good job done and a verytrustworthy company.

They even remind me when annual checks are up for renewal and workaround our busy schedule.

Chloe Mitchell

Proprietor, EK HAIR

 “EMC are a fantastic bunch of who have collectively helped us over the years with all our electrical works, including the EICR testing, PAT testing and completing a new emergency lighting schedule.

One of the greatest advantages is that the works are all explained so even I understand!!

I would not hesitate to recommend EMC as a contractor

Wendy Russell

Management Team, South Bristol Church & Community Trust


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Bristol, England, BS3 1JP