Commercial & Domestic PAT Testing for Landlords and Homeowners

Local PAT Testing in Bristol, Bath, Newport & Cardiff

Portable appliance testers, or PAT as they are more simply referred to, have been designed to perform many mandatory electrical tests quickly, easily, and reliably to ensure they are safe to use.

Since most of electrical safety defects can be found by visual examination, but some types of defect can only be found by testing, and the law requires PAT testing for landlords & rental properties to ensure that their electrical equipment is maintained in order to prevent danger.

If you haven’t checked your appliances and an electrical fire erupts, the insurance company might deem the policy you have signed as void.

Furthermore, without the proper certificate of PAT testing for rental properties or your homes all claims are declined by the insurance company when electrical fires are involved. Here at EMC we provide domestic & commercial local PAT testing in Bristol, Bath, Newport, Cardiff and the rest of the South West.

PAT Testing Rental Properties will Reduce the Risk of Appliance Electrical Accidents

Every business uses electrical appliances of some kind which makes commercial PAT testing for rental properties vital and our Portable Appliance Testing service will give you a peace of mind by identifying electrical faults on faulty equipment.

Electrical appliances should be inspected at regular intervals & tested to ensure their safety for the user. Here at EMC, we provide local PAT Testing rental properties in Bristol, Bath, Newport & Cardiff. We do our best to offer a personal service to you.

We will discuss with you the best commercial PAT testing approach to test your premises. We are here to meet your insurance requirements to prove your electrical diligence.

The Electricity at Work Regulations are in place to prevent death or personal injury caused by electrics in the workplace. Business owners without a record of safety measures will be liable in the event of an accident and may fail to claim insurance without proof of safe practices and this is where PAT testing for landlords rental properties and buildings will help you avoid this kind of situation.

A record of testing will help with any insurance claims and allow you to avoid nasty fines, so make sure your  business property is covered.

If you need guidance on your Portable Appliance Testing needs, we at EMC are here to help you with local PAT testing in Bristol, Bath, Newport & Cardiff .

PAT Testing for Landlords
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What is PAT Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing or PAT Testing is the process of checking electrical appliances through a series of visual inspections and electronic tests to ensure it is safe for use.

Most defects can be found physically or visually but others can only be found with rigorous testing. Electrical flaws, damaged cables, and damaged plugs are some examples of Portable Appliance Testing results.

Commercial PAT Testing

Landlords, Employers, and institutions have a statutory responsibility to ensure all electrical appliances used by tenants, guests, or employees are safe.

PAT testing rental properties is vital to have formal inspections of appliances at regular intervals, as day-to-day use of portable electrical appliances naturally causes wear and tear to leads and plugs. If defects cannot be detected this could result in an electric shock or even worse – fire.

Looking for PAT testing in Bristol, Bath, Newport & Cardiff ?

EMC provides domestic & commercial PAT Testing across the South West of England. Our dedicated project manager will work closely with you to ensure that all required local PAT testing for landlords rental properties meets requirements. 

We are here to help you with your portable appliance testing needs. You may contact us now for information or to book your PAT testing in Bristol, Bath, Newport & Cardiff today.

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We’ve had Craig and members of the EMC team in to do all of our electrical works at my hair salon for 6 years now and I wouldn’t want to use anyone else.

Always a good job done and a verytrustworthy company.

They even remind me when annual checks are up for renewal and workaround our busy schedule.

Chloe Mitchell

Proprietor, EK HAIR

 “EMC are a fantastic bunch of who have collectively helped us over the years with all our electrical works, including the EICR testing, PAT testing and completing a new emergency lighting schedule.

One of the greatest advantages is that the works are all explained so even I understand!!

I would not hesitate to recommend EMC as a contractor

Wendy Russell

Management Team, South Bristol Church & Community Trust


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